SeamWorks opened for business in September 2006 in The Keppel Building in Lancaster, Pa. We rented a space that was long, thin, and located on the artsy 300 block of Queen Street. Since the Keppel building was a former candy factory it seemed to make everything smell sweet. It seemed ideal, but it wasn’t long before we realized that a larger workshop was necessary.

In March 2008, we relocated with Shumaker PDT to a warehouse at 240 Harrisburg Avenue. The building seemed impossibly huge when we moved in. Wow, we had 20’ ceilings, skylights, a parking lot, room for growth! We enjoyed 10 years at 240, but in the last few years, our huge building started feeling surprisingly small and challenging for two businesses.

Exciting news! As of August 13, 2018  we moved into our own building. New flooring, fresh paint, some carpentry work, a big move, and a lot of organization.  We are now up and running at 108 Crystal Street, Lancaster PA 17603.